black and white

exhibition “black and white” @ umbrella studio, townsville

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black and white featuring: Garth Jankovic, Alison McDonald, Annica Stenvall-Batt, Jill O’Sullivan, Sabine Carter, Therese Duff & Vesna Klačar-Nedimović.

“Umbrella Studio members challenged by ‘black and white’ themed exhibition”

Artists’ creativity was tested by a monochrome palette at this year’s Umbrella Studio’s member’s ‘Black and White’ exhibition.

The theme captured the imagination of over 80 artists from around Queensland who submitted work in various mediums such as digital print, sculpture, drawing and painting.

The exhibition hoped to create a bygone era of black and white photography, film and TV, where beauty and creativity were not impeded by the colourless scheme.

Mr Alan Junior, the exhibition curator, says the theme inspired a lot of the politically charged pieces.

“The black and white theme lends itself to politics because often rules are black and white, but they can be interpreted many ways leading to shades of grey,” Mr Junior said.