Featured Artworks: Fragments XI, XII, XI (A), (B) & (C)


Discovering the history of the building on 15 King Peter Street (Ulica Kralja Petra 15) through artworks. 


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Catalogue | Fragments II: Belgrade

About Fragment XI & XII (digital prints) and Fragment XI (A), (B) & (C) (etchings).

These prints from the exhibition Fragments II: Belgrade portray a 19th century building on 15 King Peter Street.

The building is situated in the heart of the city, with Kalemegdan (Belgrade Fortress) and Knez Mihailova (Prince Michael Street – the main pedestrian zone and shopping precinct) right on the building’s doorstep. Originally, the building was the house of merchant Ljubomir Crvenčanin and was built in 1887. It is situated in one of the oldest commercial streets of Belgrade, therefore its ground floor and mezzanine were meant to serve commercial purposes, while the upper floors were residential. The building is an exceptional example of 19th century academic style, common in Belgrade at that time, and one of the more significant achievements of the renowned Belgrade architect, Jovan Ilkić. This building was considered unusual for its contemporary architectural solution of having the mezzanine above the ground floor, the first of its kind in Belgrade. The building has been included on the list of cultural monuments in the city of Belgrade.