Australian Ambassador to Serbia Officially Opens Exhibition ‘Fragments II: Belgrade’


The exhibition “Fragments II: Belgrade’ was officially opened by the Australian Ambassador to Serbia H. E. Julia Feeney on 26 April, 2017.

At the opening the Secretary for Culture of Belgrade Ivona Jevtić and Director of PE “Belgrade Fortress” Peter Andrijašević expressed their delight in being a part of the cultural exchange.

Artworks featured in the open air exhibition in Kalemegdan Park are by Serbian-Australian artist Vesna Klačar-Nedimović, who dedicated her series of prints ‘Fragments II: Belgrade’ to her hometown.

H. E. Julia Feeney said that the Serbian diaspora has for generations contributed to multicultural Australia and she believes that this exhibition will bring the two nations together.

“What a glorious day to open an exhibition. Obviously, the Australian Embassy is very pleased to be involved, and in such a glorious place. While it’s true that probably Australia could not get any further away than Serbia, the people have very strong links and I think it’s through culture and art that these links are improved. It’s true that the Serbian diaspora in Australia, through all walks of life, have made a very positive contribution to what we now call multicultural, modern, contemporary Australia. We can now formally open the exhibition. Vesna’s love for Belgrade shines through this exhibition and I’d like to congratulate her on the work and officially open it. Enjoy”. – Julia Feeney

Secretary for Culture, Ivona Jevtić stressed the importance of international cultural exchange.

“Culture and art are the link that best brings together different cultures and nations. I sincerely hope that after this exhibition we have established better relations, not only between Australia and Serbia, but also all countries. Our goal is to enhance cultural exchange on an international level”. – Ivona Jevtić

Director of PE “Belgrade Fortress” Petar Andrijašević said that Vesna is an artist who through art facilitates cultural collaboration.

“Welcome to Kalemegdan and the opening of the exhibition by the Australian artist who herself says that her hometown Belgrade remains in her heart.  PE “Belgrade Fortress” wanted to showcase Vesna Klačar-Nedimović’s unique experience of Belgrade. She is an artist that through her artwork brings together two nations, Serbia and Australia and strengthens their cultural collaboration. As a testament to that, thank you to H.E. Julia Feeney, Australian Ambassador to Serbia for being here today, and I hope that we will collaborate in the future. We aim to best present Kalemegdan park to domestic and foreign tourists and the open air gallery we have here on the Sava promenade is proving to be popular. I am sure this exhibition will be no different”.  – Petar Andrijašević

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Listen to the Audio from the Official Opening ‘ Courtesy of SBS Serbian.