Featured artwork Fragments II: Belgrade, Fragment III


The digital print ‘Fragment III’ from the series ‘Fragments II: Belgrade’  depicts the House of Julka Garašanin.


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House of Julka Garašanin, 43 Knez Mihailova

The house of Julka Garašanin was built in the 1870s, it is considered a significant example of 19th century romanticism in architecture of Belgrade. The architect of the building remains unknown.

Julka Garašanin received this house from her father as a dowry. Julka came from a 19th century upper class family in Belgrade, her brother Tihomir Marković was a governor of the National Bank and her husband was Colonel Milutin Garašanin. This house was one of the three houses that were bought by the richest man in Serbia of that time, Vlada Mitić, who at this place made his department store.

Credit: Đurić-Zamolo, Divna. Graditelji Beograda, 1815-1914. Muzej Grada Beograda, 2011.