Museum Night at Kalemegdan

Museums and Galleries across Serbia opened their doors for Museum Night (20 May 2017), a popular yearly cultural event inspiring interest in the arts and history. 

People following their maps around the city, including Kalemegdan, could also see the extended open air art exhibition ‘Fragments II: Belgrade’ at night. 

More than 40 towns in Serbia promoted cultural heritage via museums, galleries and exhibition spaces with a total of more than 450 events. In Belgrade, there were 67 participating institutions with 136 separate events. 

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upcoming exhibition shares love for belgrade

As the saying goes, ‘what the heart wants the heart gets’. Vesna Klačar-Nedimović returned to Belgrade 11 months after her first artist in residency in Belgrade, this time for 3 months (25 November – 20 February). Inspired by Belgrade’s soul Vesna captured countless photographs for future projects.

Vesna was successful in organising her first open air exhibition in partnership with the Public Enterprise “Belgrade Fortress”, who organise art exhibitions in Kalemegdan Park. Vesna is pleased to announce her upcoming large format (186 x 126 cm) solo exhibition Fragments II: Belgrade at the popular Sava Promenade. The exhibition (19 – 30 April) will be held during the ‘Days of Belgrade’ (16 – 19 April). This destination, which carries a rich history, is a must see in Belgrade, popular with locals and tourists.

Olivera Vučković, Program Coordinator at Public Enterprise “Belgrade Fortress” says she recognised the story of an artist living thousands of kilometres away but still inspired by the Belgrade soul. Her poetic portrayal of her city through photos and maps as prints will be enjoyed by the many visitors of Kalemegdan Park.  

JP Beogradska tvrđava podržalo je izložbu Fragmenti II: Beograd  jer je prepoznalo poseban  doživljaj Beograda umetnice Vesne Klačar Nedimović. Umetnica koja je hiljadama kilometra udaljena od svog grada i dalje je inspirisana istim. Njena sećanja su jača od zaborava, a inspiracija veća od  udaljenosti dva kontinenta. Grafika u različitim tehnikama isprepletana sa planovima grada daje posebne,  gotovo jedinstvene vizure glavnog grada. Poetika Vesne Klačar Nedimović kroz izložbu na Savskom šetalištu biće tako dostupna mnogobrojnim posetiocima Beogradske tvrđave i parka Kalemegdan. Izložba će biti sastavni deo programa JP Beogradska tvrđava u okviru manifestacije Dani Beograda,” kaže Olivera Vučković.

When:  19 – 30 April
Where: Sava Promenade, Kalemegdan Park, Belgrade, Serbia 

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serbian art exhibition viewing & theatre performance @ bemac

Visual Art Exhibition ‘Fragments II: Belgrade’ once again coincides with Serbian theatre performance at Queensland Multicultural Centre, this time ‘Zlatni Lančić od Bižuterije’. Vesna Klačar-Nedimović’s artworks are a window into Belgrade, an old European city. View the exhibition before and after the comedic performance by Andrija Milošević set in Belgrade on 21 September.

When: Wednesday 21 September
Where: BEMAC (Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre) | Queensland Multicultural Centre | 102 Main Street | Kangaroo Point

Fragments II: Belgrade Exhibition Viewing: 5.30 – 7.00pm | Level 1

Zlatni Lančić od Bizuterije: starts 7:30pm | Ground Floor

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4+1 artists exploring

the 5 five show: 4+1 artists exploring @ woolloongabba art gallery, woolloongabba, queensland

Vesna Klačar-Nedimović, Donna McDonald, Jennifer Brasher, Georgi and Gina Kelly explore cultural, social and environmental issues in “4 +1 Artists Exploring”. 

Their artworks will be on display in Brisbane at Woolloongabba Art Gallery featuring Klačar-Nedimović’s digital prints from the series “walkabout”.

Exhibition Opening: Woolloongabba Art Gallery, Woolloongabba, 22 July @ 6pm – 8pm

Exhibition: 19 July – 26 July

MEDIA RELEASE – 4 +1 Artists Exploring – Opening 22 July

Exhibition Catalogue – Vesna Klačar-Nedimović

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artists exploring featuring: Vesna Klačar-Nedimović, Donna McDonald, Jennifer Brasher, Georgi and Gina Kelly.

queensland artists thinking

the 5 five show: queensland artists thinking @ logan west library gallery, logan, queensland

Vesna Klačar-Nedimović joins fellow Queensland artists Donna McDonald, Jennifer Brasher, Georgi and Anna Gonzalez to explore cultural, environmental and social issues through visual art.

Exhibition Opening: Artist’s Walk, Logan West Library Gallery, Logan, 9 April @ 2.45pm – 4.45pm

Exhibition: March – April

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queensland artists thinking featuring: Vesna Klačar-Nedimović, Donna McDonald, Jennifer Brasher, Georgi and Anna Gonzalez.

gippsland print award exhibition

exhibition “gippsland print award exhibition” @ gippsland art gallery, sale, victoria

Vesna Klačar-Nedimović’s artwork Fragments II: Belgrade, Fragment X (C) is on display at the Gippsland Print Award Exhibition. The Brisbane based visual artist’s print is among 256 other entrants from around Australia.

Gippsland Print Award Exhibition: 26 September – 22 November

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impressions seven

exhibition “impressions seven” @ metcalfe gallery, brisbane institute of art, brisbane

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impressions seven featuring: David Nixon, Suzanne Danaher, Helen Malone, Elizabeth Burton, Jen Conde, Anna Bonshek, Catherine Money, Amanda O’Sullivan, Sue Poggioli, Liza Ann Pullen, Glenda Orr, Evelyne Upton, Paula Quintela, Sue Pickford, Jo St Baker, Gwenn Tasker, Belinda Sinclair, Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura & Vesna Klačar-Nedimović.

“Print exhibition ‘impressions seven’ set to impress”

Creating more lasting impressions, Impress Printmakers Studio Members Exhibition Impressions seven is back for its seventh year.

The exhibition captures a snap shot of the diverse range of traditional and contemporary techniques currently engaged in by Brisbane artists, including etching, linocut, lithography, collagraph, screenprinting, digital prints, solar plate etching, mono prints and mixed media.

brisbane artist’s first international exhibition touring new zealand

Brisbane visual artist Vesna Klačar-Nedimović makes her debut on the international art circuit with the Compact Prints 2012 International Exhibition.

Starting its world tour in Umbrella Studio, Townsville, Australia the exhibition journeyed across the Pacific Ocean and will continue to travel throughout New Zealand.

Auckland | Palmerston North | Kerikeri |

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mini expo

exhibition “mini expo” @ pero art centar, delta city, belgrade, serbia

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mini expo featuring: Katarina Đorđević, Biljana Nonković, Dragan Cvetković Cvele, Lidija Marinkov Pavlović, Vukica Mikača, Vlada Milinković, Vesna Milunović, Jelena Badnjevac Ristić, Dragana Pajković Dodig, Balša Rajčević, Aleksandar Vac, Mihajlo Stošović, Ivan Gračner, Viktor Kiss & Vesna Klačar-Nedimović.

“wish comes true”

Vesna Klačar-Nedimović’s artwork ‘i wish II’ makes its way to Belgrade, for her first hometown art exhibition.

The Belgrade born, Brisbane-based artist was one of 56 out of 150 emerging artists selected to take part in the ‘Mini Expo’ Pero Art Centre exhibition at Delta City, Belgrade, Serbia.

black and white

exhibition “black and white” @ umbrella studio, townsville

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black and white featuring: Garth Jankovic, Alison McDonald, Annica Stenvall-Batt, Jill O’Sullivan, Sabine Carter, Therese Duff & Vesna Klačar-Nedimović.

“Umbrella Studio members challenged by ‘black and white’ themed exhibition”

Artists’ creativity was tested by a monochrome palette at this year’s Umbrella Studio’s member’s ‘Black and White’ exhibition.

The theme captured the imagination of over 80 artists from around Queensland who submitted work in various mediums such as digital print, sculpture, drawing and painting.

The exhibition hoped to create a bygone era of black and white photography, film and TV, where beauty and creativity were not impeded by the colourless scheme.

Mr Alan Junior, the exhibition curator, says the theme inspired a lot of the politically charged pieces.

“The black and white theme lends itself to politics because often rules are black and white, but they can be interpreted many ways leading to shades of grey,” Mr Junior said.

compact prints 2012

exhibition “compact prints 2012” @ umbrella studio, townsville

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compact prints 2012 featuring: Margaret Wilson, Gary Andrews, Lisa Marshall, Laura Castell, Jo Lankester, Gerald Soworka, Anne Lord, Colleen Ross, Amelhita Spindola, Saghi Parkhideh  & Vesna Klačar-Nedimović.

“Compact Prints stamping their mark on the global stage”

Lovers of print media and bite-sized artworks will be charmed by upcoming print exhibition, Compact Prints 2012, at the Umbrella Studio of Contemporary Arts.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the international biennial print exhibition, exchange and auction.

Each artist submitted three 12×12 prints, one to be displayed in a CD jewel case for the exhibition, one to be exchanged with another participant and one to be put up for auction to fund the cost of touring the exhibition to New Zealand, America, United Kingdom and throughout Australia.

The exhibition will feature traditional and contemporary prints by 166 artists from 21 countries.