exhibition “patch” @ the college gallery, queensland college of art, brisbane

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patch featuring: Zoe Porter, Caroline O’Neil, Christian Flynn, Arryn Snowball, Luisa Rossitto, Angela Rossitto, Caitlan Sheedy, Catherine Chui, Susan Bacquie, Sonya Peters, Eric Rossi, Shiptoo Shaboo, Virginia Miller, Glenn Skein, David Spooner, Alice Lang, Jennie Jackson, Zoe Hughes, Pricilla Bracks, Jennifer Lowery, Gail Cowley, Iain Turnball, Abbey McCulloch, Scott Foster, Jonathan McBurnie, Cameron Rutter, Vesna Klachar-Nedimovich, Jonathan Tse, Tracey Potter, Andy Mackenzie & Veronica Sepulveda.

indescribably everyday

exhibition opening night “indescribably everyday” @ project gallery, queensland college of art, brisbane

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indescribably everyday featuring: Jasmine Amie-Fong, Sue Beyer, Emily Burgess, Vesna Klachar-Nedimovich, Emma Lindsay, Andrew Lowrie, Annie Robertson, Eric Rossi & Iason Yannakos.

MX, August 21

Nine emerging artists share their paintings, sculptures, prints, jewellery and small objects in an exhibition called ‘Indescribably Everyday’.

“Indescribably Everyday:  a celebration of art and eclecticism”  – essay by Michael McCosker.

‘Indescribably Everyday’ is an exhibition by nine motivated student artists at the Queensland College of Art and it does not dissapoint.  It is an eclectic collection of works that offer a diversity of media and ideas that on paper have little in common.  Like its title, ‘Indescribably Everyday’ is a curious contradiction in that it at once conjures images of the familiar with that of the strange.  There is a wonderful ambiguity about it that sparks the imagination.

The first works encountered are a collection of exquisite etchings by Vesna Klachar-Nedimovich and are delicate illustrations of decorated traditional jugs and a ‘fancy’ high heeled shoe.  These evocative works are echoed in a collection of framed blue etchings by the same artist entitled ‘The Shoe: Object of Art’ further on in the main gallery space.  This shoe is not just a shoe; it has a life of its own enriched with the artists personality.

The shows accredited curator, Emma Ryan, when prompted about how the show came together relates the story of its inception: ‘Vesna originally had an exhibition proposal last year, based on the QCA subject ‘Objects and the Everyday’ she approached other students she believed to have strong work and were committed as artists.  It started as one thing and grew into nine people from conversations at the QCA cafe after Professional Practice class in semester 1, 2007.  When we sat down in meetings, it became clear that Vesna had strong ideas about an extremely professional exhibition that was object based.