Exhibition ‘Fragments II: Belgrade’ on during Belgrade Manifest

Belgrade manifest is a large family festival promoting Serbia and its picturesque destinations. 

Vesna Klačar-Nedimović’s exhibition ‘Fragments II: Belgrade’ promoting Belgrade is on display at the Sava Promenade.

Belgrade Manifest | 26.05.17 – 28.05.17 | Kalemegdan Park, Belgrade

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Museum Night at Kalemegdan

Museums and Galleries across Serbia opened their doors for Museum Night (20 May 2017), a popular yearly cultural event inspiring interest in the arts and history. 

People following their maps around the city, including Kalemegdan, could also see the extended open air art exhibition ‘Fragments II: Belgrade’ at night. 

More than 40 towns in Serbia promoted cultural heritage via museums, galleries and exhibition spaces with a total of more than 450 events. In Belgrade, there were 67 participating institutions with 136 separate events. 

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fragments II: belgrade @ carindale

Just as books transport readers to far away places, Vesna Klačar-Nedimović takes viewers on a journey with her digital prints and etchings.

Carindale library visitors will be treated to a visual tour through the streets of Belgrade as the travelling exhibition Fragments II: Belgrade makes its way to the library in November. 

The series of artworks “Fragments II: Belgrade” show an architectural façade overlaid with a map that describes the way the city is threaded into the artist’s memory, exploring her personal, familial and cultural ties to the city of her youth. (Louise Martin-Chew, IMPRINT Magazine, vol 48, no. 3, 2013).

When:  01 November – 31 December 2016
Where: Carindale Library | Westfield Carindale | 1151 Creek Road | Carindale
Opening Hours

 exhibition catalogue

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vesna klačar-nedimović’s artist in residence at hotel aleksandar palas in belgrade, serbia

Vesna Klačar-Nedimović recently returned to her hometown to undertake her Artist in Residence in Belgrade, Serbia (15 December 2015 – 31 January 2016). Her artworks from Fragments II: Belgrade series was on display in Hotel Aleksandar Palas. The etchings and digital prints featuring the hotel are based on photographs taken during Vesna’s previous trip to Belgrade.

The hotel is situated in the heart of the city in Ulica Kralja Petra (King Peter Street), with Kalemegdan (Belgrade Fortress) and Knez Mihailova (Prince Michael Street – the main pedestrian zone and shopping precinct) right on the hotel’s doorstep. The building that houses the hotel was built in 1887 in an academistic style, and is one of the excellent examples of Belgrade architecture. The building was designed by renown Belgrade architect Jovan Ilkić.

During the Residence Vesna reconnected with Belgrade and its people, networked for future collaborations, partnerships and exhibitions, became a member of the Association of Serbian Visual Arists (ULUS), immersed herself in Belgrade art and culture, furthered her market knowledge and photographed the city for future projects.

About Belgrade
Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and the third largest city in South-eastern Europe after Istanbul and Athens, having around 1.7 million residents. Belgrade is situated at the confluence of rivers Sava and Danube. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The oldest archaeological artifacts from Belgrade area date back to the fifth millenium B.C. The members of a Celtic tribe founded Singidunum in the III century B.C., while the first record of the name Belgrade dates back to 878 A.D.

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